Learn C/C++ for Arduino IDE


In this course we will learn about the programming in Arduino IDE. We will learn, how to program an arduino board and specifically we will understand the basic concepts of C++ programming language with the help of Arduino IDE. This course includes the basic concepts of the C++ language starting from - data types, variables  and all the way to functions and libraries. This will clear all the basic contents and by the end of this course you'll be able comfortable in working with Arduino IDE. 

What will you learn
  • You'll learn about data types and variable

  • you'll learn about If-Else condition statements

  • you'll learn about For Loop, While Loop

  • You'll learn about the basic concepts of arduino IDE

  • you'll learn about function, how to define them and what are function parameters and how to call a function and much more.

  • At the end of the course you'll be comfortable in working with the Arduino IDE and you'll have knowledge about the basic concepts of C++

  • A laptop with Arduino IDE and a micro-controller(Arduino) to perform operations


  • 9 Lessons
  • 00:00:00 Hours
  • Default Functions in Arduino IDE00:00:00
  • Printing the data on Serial Monitor00:00:00
  • Data Types and Variables 00:00:00
  • If - Else Statements 00:00:00
  • While Loops 00:00:00
  • For Loops00:00:00
  • Functions00:00:00
  • Function Parameters 00:00:00
  • String Concatenation, Data type conversion and calling a function with different arguments 00:00:00

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